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    • Sociedad 

      Ortíz González, Mónica (2011-07)
      Society is the set of individuals who share goals, behavior and culture, and relate interacting with each other cooperatively, to form a group or community, society is sometimes defined by its structure, within which ...
    • Second conditional. 

      Cruz Bautista, Elizabeth (2011-07)
      This presentation is about the second conditional. It contains some examples and exercises as well.
    • Motivación y Liderazgo 

      Hernández Rico, Zitlally (2011-07)
      Senior leadership factor for the formation of a work and personal development of the individual potential.
    • Plan de Negocios 

      Hernández Rico, Zitlally (2011-07)
      Creating a written plan that evaluates all aspects of the economic viability of your business venture including a description and analysis of your business prospects.
    • Phisical Appearance 

      Corte Blanquel, Miriam (2011-07)
      The students will learn how to give a phisical description of people.
    • Making Suggestions. 

      Cruz Bautista, Elizabeth (2011-07)
      This presentation is about the topic “Making suggestions”. It contains the language to follow, some examples and exercises as well.
    • Modelo dinámico de robots manipuladores 

      García Lamont, Farid (2011-07)
    • Redacción de un trabajo final 

      Ortíz González, Mónica (2011-07)
      The ideas in the manuscript should have a proper relationship with each other so that the reader can easily grasp and understand what the author is presenting.
    • Sistemas numéricos 

      Solis Galindo, Alonso Ernesto (2011-07)
    • Introducción al Procesamiento Digital de Señales 

      Díaz Fergadiz Roldán, Ana Silvia (2011-07)
      Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is an area of science and engineering that has developed rapidly. This rapid development is the result of technological advances and uses of low cost software and hardware. The goal ...
    • Future Tenses 

      Cruz Bautista, Elizabeth (2011-07)
      This presentation is about future tenses. It contains the form, use and some examples of each tense.
    • Modelado de Sistemas Discretos 

      Díaz Iruegas, Crsitian Arturo (2011-07)
      The following document talks about using Finite Automata and modeling of discrete systems which explain the operation of abstract machines. And down the main errors that can be committed to trying to accomplish.
    • Cálculo Proposicional 

      Hernández Hernández, Rodolfo (2011-07)
      In this work, the operations can be performed on propositional calculus that are the basis for the study of the logic and how computers work.
    • Tipos de Modelos en Investigación de Operaciones 

      Hernández Coca, Guadalupe (2011-07)
      This presentation shows and defines the different types from Models that the Investigation of Operations works.
    • Sistemas de Numeración 

      Andrade Hernández, Efraín (2011-07)
      A number system is a set of symbols and rules that can represent numeric data. The main rule in a positional numbering system is that the same symbol has different values depending on the position he occupies.
    • Past Simple 

      Cruz Bautista, Elizabeth (2011-07)
      This presentation is about the grammar structure of past simple. It contains some grammar charts as well.
    • Diagramas de flujo y pseudocódigo 

      Solis Galindo, Alonso Ernesto (2011-07)
      When we to develop a program we to need take a set of good practices to do that. This is because we can save time and also obtain certainty when we make a proposal to solve a problem. Two recommendations are flow ...
    • Present Prefect 

      Cruz Bautista, Elizabeth (2011-07)
      The following presentation is about the present perfect tense. It contains its use, form, and some examples with ever/never; already/yet; just; since and for.
    • Máquinas de Estados Finitos 

      Díaz Iruegas, Crsitian Arturo (2011-07)
      The following document talks about using Finite Automata and the operation of their abstract machines. Just as the use of symbols and computational terms.
    • Dispositivos Periféricos 

      Felipe Castro, Geovanni (2011-07)
      Peripheral devices help us to enter data into the computer so that it will help us solving problems and thus obtain the result of these operations, i.e., these devices help us communicate with the computer so that your ...