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    • Lesiones 

      Hurtado Mendez, Héctor Miguel (2011)
      Today we value the importance of physical exercise for maintaining and improving our health, which contributes to a healthy lifestyle. But in most cases we realize how little importance we have a physically fit, and executing ...
    • Pruebas Físicas 

      Martínez López, Isidro (2017-08-31)
      Las pruebas físicas son una serie de pruebas, que de una forma objetiva nos van a posibilitar medir o conocer la condición física de una persona. Por Condición Física entendemos el conjunto de cualidades anatómicas y ...
    • Pruebas físicas 

      Muñoz Ríos, Gerardo (2012-01)
      The physical test is a set of tests, that be able to measure or know a person's physical condition. For fitness means a set of anatomical and physiological qualities that a person has and the training in different degrees ...