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    • Dreamweaver 

      Ángeles Ángeles, Francisco (2013-07)
      This presentation gives an overview of the Dreamweaver editor and teaches its main working tools included in each menu.
    • Hoja electrónica 

      Ángeles Ángeles, Francisco (2012-01)
      This presentation allows the teacher to explain to the student in a timely manner the basic concepts and the main screen of a spreadsheet , pointing in each slide the first topics of Unit 1 obtaining a better learning.
    • Hoja Electrónica (Introducción y edición de datos) 

      Ángeles Ángeles, Francisco (2013-01)
      These topics identify concepts: groups of cells, ranges of cells, rows and columns selection, insert or delete rows and columns, and fill data series, same as applied in a practical example, reaffirming student learning.
    • Sistemas Operativos (Equipo y Explorador de Windows ) 

      Ángeles Ángeles, Francisco (2014-01)
      This slide is intended, to show students the components of computer equipment, as well, handling Windows Explorer for handling information such as files and folders. Finally compressing the information will be discussed.
    • Software al servicio de la sociedad moderna 

      Ángeles Ángeles, Francisco (2018-08-31)
      El siguiente material contiene información acercar de las características del software al servicio de la sociedad, en donde se menciona acerca de las diferentes plataformas, tipos, función e interfaces de software que ...