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    • La importancia de los costos de producción y sus resultados en la industria 

      Cruz Gómez, Omar (2017-08-31)
      Any organization that seeks excellence must consider the development of reliable, timely and relevant information systems, as one of the key factors to achieve success in its operation. Accounting is a quantitative ...
    • Importancia del Capital Humano 

      Quintana Morales, Jose Antonio (2018-08-01)
      Cuando hablamos del departamento de recursos humanos tenemos que limitarnos a temas subjetivos como: motivación, compromiso, liderazgo y creación de valor. Ello produce una ruptura entre el estilo de dirección basado ...
    • Importancia del comportamiento del personal en la empresa 

      Quintana Morales, José Antonio (2019-06-26)
      Las organizaciones mejoran mediante el uso mas eficaz y eficiente de todos sus recursos, en especial el humano. Un uso más eficaz de sus recursos significa producir bienes y servicios aceptables para la sociedad. Las ...
    • Impuestos 

      Sánchez González, Maribel (2011)
      In this matter, the students will learn about Mexican law foundations to help theme understand different concepts as: taxes, tax report, some calculations of taxes, notifications, obligations and powers authority ver ...
    • Impuestos. Facultades de comprobación 

      Sánchez Lara, Mirna (2011-07)
      The work presented is the fifth unit of the tax program, called the power of inspection, it allows us to analyze the different powers of verification to ensure that taxpayers, or third parties jointly liable with them ...
    • El informe final 

      Chávez Gallardo, Celia; Pichardo Zaragoza, Eva Luz (2018-04-01)
      Se indica los elementos generales de la presentación final del informe, la cual será utilizada por diferentes usuarios.
    • Integración Latinoamericana 

      Melgarejo Pérez, Héctor (2012-01)
      At the end of the semester the student will know the history of Latin America, integration, and economic development policies as well as its relevance and application within the international context. It also aims to train ...
    • Introducción a la estadística 

      Salazar Hernández, Blanca Cecilia; Martínez García, María Dolores (2016-07-01)
      Statistics is a very useful tool for us, in every activity in life, we usually need information and data for taking intelligent decisions, and statistics give us the opportunity to do so. First we need to know some basics ...
    • Introducción a la Teoría General de Keynes 

      Soto Alarcón, Jozelin María (2015-06-30)
      This first approach to the Keynesian thought it is given from the reading of the General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, in which Keynes expresses its main differences to the classical perspective, mainly with ...
    • Introducción a las bases de datos 

      Sánchez Aquino, Dolores Judith (2016-01-01)
      Currently the database approach is widely used as the only way to handle large volumes of data solution, the complexity of data extraction and data concurrency (simultaneous access). The databases have been extended by ...
    • Introducción a los Fundamentos de la Mercadotecnia 

      Alvarado Resendiz, José Luis (2014-01)
      The paper presents an approach to marketing and its application in Mexico and the Latin American environment, ie a study that reflected reality. It comes in a didactic, subject and literature, allowing the speaker's degree ...
    • Introducción al E-Business 

      Pérez Escalante, Gloria Marlene (2017-01-01)
      E-business is a new way of carrying out an entire business process, through the Information and Communication Technologies in a way that improves business processes optimizing internal and external management.
    • Investigación 

      García Velázquez, Ma. del Rosario; Hernández Gracia, Tirso Javier (2017-08-31)
      La investigación, se aborda desde la delimitación clara y especifica de lo que se pretende identificar, se basa en fuentes apropiadas y tendiente a la estructuración de un todo unificado. Toma como sustento elementos ...
    • Involucramiento de personal 

      Quintana Morales, Jose Antonio (2018-08-01)
      El principal desafió de los administradores de recursos humanos es lograr el mejoramiento de las organizaciones de que formamos parte, haciéndolas mas eficientes y eficaces. Las organizaciones mejoran mediante el uso ...
    • ISO 14001 

      García García, Marco Antonio I. (2018-06-30)
      Increasingly, the demands of consumers in the current economic scenario are very relevant, especially the role played by quality and where successful companies are fully identified that this is a good competitive advantage ...
    • Liderazgo 

      Jaen Hernández, Víctor Manuel (2016-07-01)
      Manage means to lead: Philip B. Crosby reminds us - "There comes a time that someone should do the job." If we are going to do it, if we are going to ensure that tasks are performed and responsibilities are met, we must ...
    • Liderazgo 

      Vargas Pérez, Rogelio (2016-07-01)
      It is the ability to influence in others to achieve common goals.
    • Liderazgo 

      Flores Jiménez, Ivette; Flores Jiménez, Ruth; Tapia Castillo, Iliana; Salazar Márquez, Gloria Monserrat (2011-07)
      Leadership is a critical part of the administrative general process. It is located in the center and bottom of the administrative part which has to do with implementation through people. Without leadership the organizational ...
    • Liderazgo, funciones y naturaleza 

      Reyes Vázquez, Sonia Guadalupe (2016-07-01)
      Guide the direction of the craft when we know having the control about the decisions in front of the people with different caracteristics, actitudes, aptitudes excersising and the power with the respect and the values.
    • Macroeconomía 

      Ayala Hernández, Silvia (2011-07)
      To provide the student the elements to understand how the economy functions , its structure and the relationship between its main variables such as investment, savings prices, among others.