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    • Los diez principios de la economía 

      Argüelles Gutiérrez, Xóchitl; Calderón Flores, Juanita Oyuko (2016-07-01)
      The 10 principles of economics are the basis of economic analysis, as they provide a simple way as individual decisions, as they affect the market and trade are handled. In order to have a global idea of how the economy works.
    • Expresión Oral 

      Argüelles Gutiérrez, Xóchitl; Chávez Mendoza, Mireya; Rodríguez Fernández, Leticia (2016-07-01)
      The oral expression is one of the skills to development learning unconscious as deliberately, consciously. For this reason it is necessary to analyze it. It should be noted that the oral expression in certain circumstances ...
    • El proceso de comunicación 

      Chávez Mendoza, Mireya; Argüelles Gutiérrez, Xóchitl (2018-10-31)
      Communication is a phenomenon that occurs naturally, without her man even find in the first seat of their development would not exist societies or culture. Probably the survival of the species would not have been ...