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    • Medios de transmisión 

      Mera Callejas, Guillermo (2015-06-30)
      Broadcast Media. By means of transmission, the wide acceptance of the word, which means physical material properties of electronic type, mechanical, optical, or otherwise used to facilitate the transport of information ...
    • ¿Qué es la Inteligencia Artificial? 

      Mera Callejas, Guillermo (2015-06-30)
      As a first task we plan to provide a definition of Artificial Intelligence. This is a very complex task. The term was coined in the Dartmouth Conference in 1956. Since then there have been proposed many different definitions, ...
    • ¿Qué es una base de datos distribuida? 

      Mera Callejas, Guillermo (2015-06-30)
      Full support for distributed data bases means that one application must be able to operate transparently on the data that are dispersed in a variety of different data bases, administered by a variety of different DBMS, ...