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    • Estructuras de Datos y Árboles 

      Pérez Olguín, Nubia Belzabet (2014-03-28)
      The data structures defined the Organization and interrelation of data and operations available on them, for example the ordering of the elements belonging to the structure or the search in sequential or binary form. The ...
    • Introducción a la Estadística. 

      Samperio Pacheco, Víctor Manuel; Pérez Olguín, Nubia Belzabet; Zuñiga Mera, Alma Delia; Hernández Serrano, Mariano; Domínguez Narváez, Joel Alejandro (2011-07)
      In this presentation will be released in a general way, important aspects of statistic, classification and basic concepts such as population, sample, variables, frequency, diagrams.
    • Los Sistemas Operativos y sus procesos 

      Pérez Olguín, Nubia Belzabet (2014-03-28)
      An operating system (OS) is a resource manager, is the program or set of programs that make the management of the basic processes of a computer system, an allows the normal execution of the rest the operations. The core ...