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    • Los Diferentes Matices de la Palabra 

      Bárcena Díaz, Leticia (2011)
      Man creates a language to express their meanings for self and others, to make others have the same meanings and increase their ability to answer. But while the language is a social convention, the meanings are not in the ...
    • Unidad 1 

      Bárcena Díaz, Leticia (2011)
      The man is a social being, this condition implies that during his life is always in communication through various codes and environments. But it's something inherent in our species does not mean it has no specific ...
    • Unidad 5 

      Bárcena Díaz, Leticia (2011)
      The radio is one of the first means of mass communication, its specific features have allowed it to remain in force despite the arrival of new and more sophisticated communicative alternatives. Know the basics of radio ...