Recent Submissions

  • Poblaciones 

    Hernández Vicente, Pedro Omar (2017-08-31)
    Las comunidades y los ecosistemas son niveles de organización difíciles de estudiar. Estos abarcan organismos de diferentes especies que interactúan entre sí y con los diversos ambientes en que viven. La comunidad es ...
  • Impacto ambiental 

    Medrano Gauna, Eva María (2017-08-31)
    Ecosystems have undergone alterations during their evolution, either by the action of organisms, natural effects or those derived by succession, all this type of change has been regulated by the action of nature ...
  • Factores Bióticos 

    Rodríguez Romero, Blanca Deyanira (2015-07-01)
    The world we inhabit is surrounded by inert objects, which is the stuff that works as a medium where living organisms are located, which have a degree of development that allows exchanges of matter and energy to play a ...
  • Calidad de vida 

    González Ledesma, Lorena (2014-01)
    Due to economic globalization we face great challenges, so students should identify the factors that influence a good quality of life.
  • Biomas 

    Carrillo Rodríguez, María del Carmen Mercedes (2013-07)
    On the following slides are presented, in general, the main features of both Aquatic and Terrestrial Biomes
  • Recursos Naturales 

    Ordoñez Hernández, Yolanda (2011)
    Renewable Resources. They are those who, after being used, have the ability to regenerate. Non-Renewable Resources. Are those that are consumed at a rate higher than production.
  • Bases de la ecología 

    Aranzábal Paredes, Fabiola Eugenia (2012-01)
    This second session analyze issues that allow students to involve in basic knowledge of ecology, which leads them to understand the interactions that occur between organisms and their environment. During this session the ...