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    • Future Tenses 

      Cortés Fernández, Lidie Susana (2011)
      Future will Future going to Present progressive
    • Reported Speech 

      Cortés Fernández, Lidie Susana (2011)
      Pronouns Tenses Place and Time Expressions Examples
    • Reported Speech Statements 

      Téllez Tinoco, Nallely (2011)
    • Daily Routines 

      Téllez Tinoco, Nallely (2011)
      The purpose of this work is to present a short introduction for beginner English learners to the topic of daily routines and simple present tense Use this presentation as a great way to study the basics in one important ...
    • Would Presentation 

      Unknown author (2011)
      Would is an auxiliar to make, accept and refuse an invitation.
    • Comparatives and Superlatives 

      Cortés Fernández, Lidie Susana (2011)
      Comparatives and Superlatives
    • Vocabulary animal body parts 

      Cortés Fernández, Lidie Susana (2011)
      Vocabulary animal body parts
    • Past Continuous 

      Unknown author (2011)
      We use it to talk about an action which was in progress at a stated time in the past. We do not know exactly when the action started and finished.
    • To Be Verb 

      Unknown author (2011)
      Verb to be usages To say the age To state sensations
    • Comparatives 

      Rojo Hernández, Marliz Alejandra (2011)
      To compare between two people, animals, things, teams, places etc.
    • First Conditional 

      Cortés Fernández, Lidie Susana (2011)
      A first conditional sentence consists of two clauses, an if clause and a main clause
    • Adjectives in -ed and -ing ending 

      Unknown author (2011)
      Adjectives in -ed and -ing ending
    • Adjectives Ending in -ed and -ing 

      Cortés Fernández, Lidie Susana (2011)
      Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing
    • Talking about past events and actions 

      Ortiz Salavdor, Blanca Estela (2011-06)
      Nowadays there are excellent materials that can help teachers to teach or improve their classes, and also support their work. A good educational climate promotes the creation of new learning environments that directly ...
    • Reportar Información Proporcionada en Presente 

      Ortega Mendoza, Katya Gabriela (2011-07)
      Understand verbal and written information provided in order to report and/or repeat it to others either orally or in writing.
    • Daily Routines 

      Tobos Figueroa, Zulma (2012-01)
      The main objective of a Language is the communication, it´s important that students can communicate feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc., and this topic about Daily routines let our students to speak or write on their own ...
    • How do I feel now 

      Valdez Ángeles, María del Rocío (2012-01)
      The subject of present simple provides students essential structures and vocabulary related daily activities and routines.
    • Situaciones y sus antecedentes 

      Casillas Hernández, Ada Sarai (2012-01)
      It describes and helps how to write about a celebration mentioning the activities people do before, during and after this celebration. Provides an example of an event celebrated around the world and the activities they ...
    • Past Events “Used to” 

      Camacho Iberri, Marcela (2012-01)
      The expression used to is commonly used when we talk about past habits. It means "something was true in the past, but it is not anymore. It is important to understand the meaning of “used to” in order to express something ...
    • Past Simple 

      de la Rosa Santillana, Natalia Inés (2012-10)
      In this presentation you can find the uses, form and structure of the past simple of the verb “to be” as well as some time expressions that you can use with this tense.