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    • A, An, Some or Any 

      Ortiz Salvador, Blanca Estela (2018-10-31)
    • Adjectives Ending in -ed and -ing 

      Cortés Fernández, Lidie Susana (2011)
      Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing
    • Adjectives in -ed and -ing ending 

      Unknown author (2011)
      Adjectives in -ed and -ing ending
    • Adverbs of frequency 

      Miguez Gutiérrez, Michelle (2015-07-01)
    • Amazing Facts (Zero Conditional) 

      Ramírez Balderas, Alejandra (2020-11-11)
      This presentation will help students to acquire and apply the Zero Conditional easily and correctly. In addition, students can practice on some exercises below to reinforce the topic.
    • Asking for and giving directions 

      Ortiz Juárez, Jesury (2021-03-26)
      The present topic consists on explaining the vocabulary and instructions to “Asking for and giving directions” use when someone need to ask or tell how to find a place.
    • Classical Mexican Games 

      Martínez Martínez, Arcy L. (2020-11-18)
      A text is analyzed about one of the classic Mexican games that we older adults remember from our childhood, on the other hand, the WH Words in the English language are reinforced.
    • Classroom Language 

      Cruz Bautista, Elizabeth (2017-08-31)
      This presentation contains classroom language necessary to communicate in class.
    • Communication and technology 

      Leonardo Almaraz, Alan Jesús (2018-01-31)
      During this unit the student will work and he will develop the necessary skills on english language which are going to help him to talk about the changes and situations throughout the time.
    • Communication and technology 

      Leonardo Almaraz, Alan Jesús (2019-01-20)
      Durante esta unidad el alumno trabajara y desarrollara las habilidades necesarias con el idioma ingles, lo cual le permitirá hablar de cambios en el tiempo.
    • Comparación de dos o más elementos 

      Ortega Mendoza, Katya Gabriela (2015-07-01)
      We have the possibility to use the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives whenever we want to sum up different characteristics that two or more people, things, animals, places, etc. have.
    • Comparatives 

      Leonardo Almaraz, Alan Jesus (2017-08-31)
      During this unit the student will develop and he will also learn writing and speaking abilities which lead him to exchange personal information in a written or in a oral way.
    • Comparatives 

      Rojo Hernández, Marliz Alejandra (2011)
      To compare between two people, animals, things, teams, places etc.
    • Comparatives and Superlatives 

      Cortés Fernández, Lidie Susana (2011)
      Comparatives and Superlatives
    • Conditional sentences (zero and first conditional) 

      Ortiz Salvador, Blanca Estela (2015-06-01)
      Conditionals in English grammar are sometimes called 'if clauses'. They are used to describe the result of something that might happen either in the present or future. . Although the various conditional forms might seem ...
    • Connectors / My daily routine 

      Domínguez Rodríguez, Yuriria (2021-03-05)
      En este tema los alumnos aprenderán a expresar de manera oral y escrita las acciones que realizan diariamente usando conectores para dar un orden a sus actividades.
    • Countries and Nationalities 

      Cid Fernandez, Karen (2018-10-01)
      This is a simple activity from unit 1 where the students could increase their vocabulary by practicing the countries and nationalities given at the first step. In the second step students have to organize the vocabulary ...
    • Daily life 

      Leonardo Almaraz, Alan Jesús (2019-09-30)
      En esta unidad aprenderemos como proporcionar y recibir información de lugares, instrucciones y actividades.
    • Daily Routines 

      Tobos Figueroa, Zulma (2012-01)
      The main objective of a Language is the communication, it´s important that students can communicate feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc., and this topic about Daily routines let our students to speak or write on their own ...
    • Daily Routines 

      Téllez Tinoco, Nallely (2011)
      The purpose of this work is to present a short introduction for beginner English learners to the topic of daily routines and simple present tense Use this presentation as a great way to study the basics in one important ...