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    • Definición de Frustración y Conflicto 

      Rodríguez Romero, Blanca Deyanira (2014-11-07)
      Los conflictos son parte de la naturaleza humana , se sufren conflictos con uno mismo y con los demás, debemos prepararnos y enfrentarlos para tener resultados positivos.
    • Infancia 

      González Ledesma, Laura (2013-07)
      The following class is intended to inform the characteristics and stages of Childhood.
    • Escuelas de la Psicología - Época Contemporánea 

      Nolasco del Ángel, María de la Luz (2011)
      In the first concept map is a summary chart of schools of psychology of the contemporary era, such as psychodynamic psychology, behavioral psychology, Gestalt psychology, cognitive psychology and psychology humanist. El ...
    • Etapa Científica 

      Nolasco del Ángel, María de la Luz (2011)
      In 1879 he created the first experimental psychology laboratory which gave rise to consider psychology as a scientific stage science of psychology there are two major schools: structuralism and functionalism, which are ...
    • Presentación Introductoria 

      Rodríguez Romero, Blanca Deyanira (2012-01)
      Think critically and in reflexive way to be recognized by others, allowing Psychology exploit the potential of our students from the inside and develop skills to interact with their environment.
    • Metas generales de la psicología 

      Nolasco del Ángel, María de la Luz (2012-01)
      This presentation contains the definition and describes in a graphic form the overall goals of Psychology considered to describe, explain, predict and control conduct.
    • Introducción a la psicología 

      Cruz Ortíz, María Teresa (2012-01)
      Psychology as a science studying the mental processes and behavior. The word comes from the Greek psyche, soul and logos, treaty, science. Literally means science of the soul. That's why psychology as a science has a short ...
    • Aprendizaje 

      Sierra Guzmán, Martha Patricia (2012-01)
      Learning allows behavior modification and humans act differently to the events that happen. This section illustrates various ways of learning, through classical and operant conditioning, vicarious learning and meaningful.