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    • Introducción a los Amplificadores Operacionales 

      Coello Galindo, Luis Rodolfo (2012-01)
      The operational amplifier is a multifunctional device, initially created to perform basic mathematical operations, and although given their characteristics was developed to make it a high performance integrated ...
    • Protocolo, Estándar, Redes, Modelo de capas 

      Coello Galindo, Luis Rodolfo (2012-01)
      Information exchange and communication are vital for everyone today, the constant change and evolution of devices that are used for such exchange have gone hand in hand with current technology. The purpose is ...
    • Seguridad en Redes 

      Coello Galindo, Luis Rodolfo (2013-07)
      The network security comprises an area of interest in the world of information technology and computing. That´s why it is important to know the functioning of the different methods and algorithms implemented nowadays, ...