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  • La Actividad Física y el deporte sobre la Salud. 

    Muñoz Rios, Gerardo (2014-01)
    Research about physical activity and sports is generally framed within medical discourse, which promotes the practice of sports as a way to reduce the probability of cardiac, respiratory, and metabolic pathologies. Even ...
  • Lesiones 

    Hurtado Mendez, Héctor Miguel (2011)
    Today we value the importance of physical exercise for maintaining and improving our health, which contributes to a healthy lifestyle. But in most cases we realize how little importance we have a physically fit, and executing ...
  • Pruebas físicas 

    Muñoz Ríos, Gerardo (2012-01)
    The physical test is a set of tests, that be able to measure or know a person's physical condition. For fitness means a set of anatomical and physiological qualities that a person has and the training in different degrees ...
  • El Calentamiento 

    González Hernández, Felipe Alejandro (2011)
    We all know the importance of warming to improve physical performance during a hard workout or strenuous competition, but in most cases we realize how little importance of proper heating, efficient and enables the use of ...
  • Actividad física 

    Ibarra Angulo, Carlos (2011)
    In human and veterinary medicine, physical activity comprises a set of body movements resulting in greater energy expenditure to basal.2 metabolism rate is sometimes used as a synonym for physical exercise, which is a form ...
  • La carrera 

    González Hernández, Felipe Alejandro (2011)
    We all know the importance of training to improve physical capacity and build work, but in most cases give little importance to try to run in the most proper, efficient and economical manner. There is a correct technique ...
  • Acondicionamiento Físico General 

    Hurtado Mendez, Héctor Miguel; Ibarra Angulo, Carlos (2011)
    Physical education is an effective instrument of pedagogy, as helping to develop the basic qualities of man as a bio-psycho-social. Contributes to the educational activities with its scientific and interdisciplinary links ...
  • El calentamiento 

    Unknown author (2011)