• Los fines del Derecho 

      Vázquez Roa, Claudia Gabriela (2011)
      Every human society requires the regulation of the conduct of its members to achieve stability and permanence, and governed by the law, which limits the external behaviors contributing to the achievement of justice, security ...
    • Caracteristicas de las Normas 

      Vázquez Roa, Claudia Gabriela (2011)
      This presentation aims to present the characteristics and differences between moral norms, legal, religious and social treatment, taking into account the four criteria by which it is possible to classify the types of rules ...
    • Generalidades 

      Zamora Jiménez, Juan Gabriel (2012-01)
      The legal regulations are hereby in all the fields at our activities, that's the reason why we must picture, and notice the differences among the other ones, learn the clasification, hierarchy and origin, so we can ...
    • Recursos Naturales de México 

      Corzo Salazar, Ciro (2014-01)
      In this course the student will learn are the different natural resources of their country, the diversity of climate, as well as by the different flora and fauna that make it up, just as the different economic conditions ...
    • Derecho Administrativo 

      Guzmán Monter, Jose Luis (2015-07-01)
    • Estructura Jurídica de México 

      Cruz Rodríguez, Gisela (2017-01-31)
      Es el conjunto de normas jurídicas que regulan los actos de comercio y a los comerciantes en el ejercicio de sus actividades.
    • Jerarquía del orden jurídico mexicano 

      Guzmán Monter, José Luis (2018-04-01)