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    • Mitho de Caín 

      Santamaría Suarez, Sergio (2011)
      Cain kills Abel and is punished for killing his brother «You shall live forever». This act is placed deeply in human nature and waits the right time to manifest itself. This can be self-controled by the exercise ...
    • Modelos Biomédico y Biopsicosocial de la Salud 

      del Castillo Arreola, Arturo (2011)
      Both, Biomedical and Biopsychosocial Healthmodels, are theories that explain illness from different perspectives, the elements which contribute to origine, maintain and treat it, in order to define the relationship ...
    • Orientación vocacional 

      Blanco Paredes, Hilda (2017-08-31)
      Vocational Guidance is essential in the education of students of the upper middle level, since it is not only for the purpose of making some career choice, this preparation goes beyond, is attached to the discovery ...
    • Planteamiento del Problema: VARIABLES 

      Ortega Andrade, Norma Angélica (2011-07)
      This topic will discuss the concept of variables, what role in the investigation and their characteristics according to their nature, amy be, by their nature -quantitative and qualitative-; for they level of ...
    • Los procesos de socialización 

      Navarrete Noble, Rómulo Eugenio (2017-08-31)
      La exposición que a continuación se presenta tiene el objetivo reflexionar sobre los procesos de socialización (primario y secundario). • The exhibition that is presented below aims to reflect on the processes of ...
    • Pruebas psicológicas 

      Armenta Hernández, Celia Gloria (2015-07-01)
      Las pruebas psicológicas, por lo tanto, tienen la finalidad de evaluar la salud mental de un individuo. El desarrollo y la interpretación de estas pruebas deben ser llevados a cabo por un psicólogo  (un experto en psicología).
    • Psicoterapia Cognitivo Conductual 

      Iglesias Hermenegildo, Antonia Yugoeslavia (2011)
      The objective of this course is to present the principal and fundamental types of psychotherapy, specifically the cognitive behavioral therapy. This includes the process of psychotherapy and its objectives and ...
    • Respuesta Social e Institucional al Problema del Enfermo Mental Crónico 

      Barranco Bravo, Jorge Alberto (2011)
      The objective of this subject is to familiarize students with the main theories that provide a posible explanation about mental illness. The topic of this lecture is to present a historical framework that shows students ...