Recent Submissions

  • Utilidades de la orientación vocacional 

    Pérez Hernández, Carlos (2017-01-01)
    El propósito de la orientación vocacional es que los alumnos puedan identificar sus habilidades y características personales, todo esto para tomar la mejor decisión sobre su desarrollo profesional.
  • Factores de riesgo 

    Pérez Hernández, Carlos (2017-01-01)
    Los factores de riesgo promueven caer en alguna adicción, hay factores que promueven la autoestima para evitarlo.
  • Inteligencia Emocional 

    Pérez Hernández, Carlos (2017-01-01)
    La inteligencia emocional propone tener mayor control sobre decisiones y emociones, esto se presenta como un factor de protección.
  • Asertividad y Unicidad 

    Cruz Ortega, Selma Eunice (2016-07-01)
    This material integrates the main elements to conduct assertive behaviors in different contexts and moments of life. It also has exercises to illustrate Assertive communication.
  • Ejes Preventivos 

    Guerra Medrano, Lilia (2015-07-01)
    Los ejes preventivos fortalecen las capacidades necesarias que le permiten a un individuo, enfrentar situaciones que lo puedan poner en contacto con las adicciones. Cada eje representa un pilar en la formación de un ambiente ...
  • Prevención de adicciones 

    Sosa García, Rebeca (2015-06-30)
    Day by day the human being faces different situations that take him out of his comfort zone. Resilience is defined as the capacity to face unfavorable situations. It is about the conjunct of ablilities and attitudes that ...
  • Prevención de Adicciones 

    Pichardo Pimentel, Norma Guadalupe (2014-01)
    Preventing addiction is now considered within the basic education of teachers and parents, they should talk with children about addictions, since they are pre adolescence ( from 9 to 12 years of age). The 3 main addictions ...
  • Aspectos generales de la prevención de adicciones 

    Corzo Salazar, Ciro (2014-01)
    In this course the student will learn to identify the characteristics of adolescents, their differences, changes in their physical, psychological personality, internal and external changes
  • Para qué sirve la orientación vocacional 

    Ontiveros Olvera, Aurora Guadalupe (2014-01)
    The purpose of the vocational guidance at the high school level, aims to prosecute young people to make the best decision about the race going to study. This requires to use as support tools a vocational test to know their ...
  • Orientación Vocacional 

    Bárcena Díaz, Laura (2011)
    To choose a profession you need to know our interests which can be 10 types
  • Clasificación de las drogas por sus efectos 

    Bárcena Díaz, Laura (2011)
    The drugs are classified according to the effects generated in the body
  • Prevención de Adicciones 

    Bárcena Díaz, Laura (2011)
    Education gives us the knowledge to prevent any type of addiction
  • Factores que Inciden en la Orientación 

    Bárcena Díaz, Laura (2011)
    They include factors that influence the adolescent to make career choices, such as family, economics, peers and individual differences.