Recent Submissions

  • Writing the Date and Times 

    Camacho Iberri, Marcela (2015-07-01)
    As a student or professional is important that you write the date correctly.
  • Directions 

    Cortés Fernández, Lidie Susana (2014-03-25)
  • Grammar Structure of the Simple Past Tense 

    Rendón Acosta, Karla Arlett (2014-03-25)
    We use the past simple: For actions which happened or finished in the past. The time is either started or implied.
  • Definite and Indefinite articles 

    Rendón Acosta, Karla Arlett (2014-03-25)
    We use the indefinite article a/an to talk about something in general or for the first time. We use the definite article the to talk about something specific i.e. something which we mention for a second time or which is ...