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    • Apologies, reasons and promises 

      Trujillo Castillo, Paulina (2012-07)
      This topic has as a purpose to show some useful expressions to show someone wants to offer an apology.
    • El estado de Cambios en la Información Financiera 

      Caballero Máximo, Beatriz (2012-07)
      The State of cash flow is a basic financial state showing the impact of the operations of the entity in its cash, according to the NIF A-3 and B-2.
    • Like, love, hate 

      Trujillo Castillo, Paulina (2014-05-26)
      To express likes and dislikes, it is possible to use the words like, love and hate. In some cases we can use nouns or verbs. This presentation shows what to do in both cases. Para expresar preferencias y hablar de lo que ...
    • Making comparisons 

      Trujillo Castillo, Paulina (2014-05-26)
      We use comparatives to compare two nouns which belong (most of the times) to the same group or to groups of nouns which have some characteristics in particular which can be compared. Usamos los comparativos para comparar ...
    • Passive Voice 

      Trujillo Castillo, Paulina (2012-07)
      In formal situations it is required a more punctual and complex than in in those contexts which are somehow more informal; for that reason, this presentation shows us the correct use and grammatical rules to help us ...
    • Past continuous 

      Trujillo Castillo, Paulina (2012-07)
      The following presentation shows the use, grammatical rules and useful examples to help us to understand the past continuous tense.
    • Past Simple 

      Trujillo Castillo, Paulina (2012-07)
      The following presentation shows the situations in which the use of past simple is correct, also its grammatical structure and some time expressions.
    • Subject questions 

      Trujillo Castillo, Paulina (2014-05-26)
      Most of the questions in English language ask about objects, however, there are also questions which require a subject as an answer. La mayoría de las preguntas en inglés dirigen el cuestionamiento hacia objetos, sin ...
    • Too, too much, too many, enough 

      Trujillo Castillo, Paulina (2014-05-26)
      The following presentation shows some forms we can use to say we have more than we want, less than we want or the exact amount of something. La siguiente presentación muestra algunas de las formas que podemos utilizar ...