Recent Submissions

  • Daily Routines 

    Cruz Bautista, Liliana (2017-08-31)
    This presentation includes a mind map about daily routines and an activity that will help the learner to understand the topic .
  • Nationalities 

    Corte Blanquel, Miriam (2017-08-31)
    The students will get familiar with the most common nationalities in the world. They also will learn the names of countries and their flags.
  • The weather 

    Pérez Sánchez, Mario Alberto (2017-08-31)
    To talk about the weather is necessary to know about the adequate lexis. Due to this, the use of words related to images is as a consequence a true need to increase the understanding of the topic by having by hand the ...
  • Adjectives 

    Pérez Sánchez, Mario Alberto (2015-07-01)
  • Present Continuous 

    de la Rosa santillana, Natalia (2011)
  • To Be Verb 

    Unknown author (2011)
  • Students' Daily Routine 

    Unknown author (2011)
  • Simple Present (2) 

    Unknown author (2011)
  • Simple Present 

    Unknown author (2011)
  • Relative Pronouns 

    Cortés Fernández, Lidie Susana (2011)