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  • Software 
    Tejeda Anaya, María Antonieta (2011)
    El Software es la parte lógica que dota al equipo físico de capacidad para realizar cualquier tipo de trabajo.
  • Hardware 
    González Castelán, Yazmín (2011)
    Es la parte tangible o física que incluye los componentes internos de la computadora y los equipos periféricos o externos.
  • Sánchez Costeira, Heriberto (2011)
    Un algoritmo es una serie finita de pasos o instrucciones que deben seguirse para resolver un problema Es un método para resolver un problema
  • Pérez Tavera, Iván Horacio (2011)
    Es una cuestión de la libertad de los usuarios de ejecutar, copiar, distribuir, estudiar, cambiar y mejorar el software. Más precisamente, significa que los usuarios de programas tienen las cuatro libertades esenciales
  • Pérez Téllez Girón, Daniela (2011)
    El sonido es una sensación percibida por el oído que llega al cerebro. Cuando un cuerpo vibra, las moléculas que lo forman se propagan en círculos concéntricos a través del aire.
  • Ávila Vázquez, María de Jesús; Baños García, Yesenia; Enríquez Ortíz, Isaac; Hernández Nájera, Aracely; Morales Moreno, Daniel; Ramírez Hernández, María Eugenia; Pérez Ramos, Myriam (2011-07)
    Knowledge of the classification and definition of the operating system is important in the acquisition of skills in the student because he may know the differences between free and commercial software. This is discussed ...
  • Ávila Vázquez, María de Jesús; Baños García, Yesenia; Hernández Nájera, Aracely; Pérez Ramos, Myriam (2012-01)
    Today it is important to the security of electronic data, so it is necessary to know how you can avoid losing them, identify a computer virus, to know how to attack and how to remove them is essential for our system to ...
  • Baños García, Yesenia; Hernández Nájera, Aracely (2012-01)
    The present work shows the methodology in order to solve a problem in specific, applying mathematical algorithms, so address different basic structures in order to design algorithms aimed at the implementation of a logic ...
  • Hardware 
    Díaz Herrera, Sujey Anahí (2012-01)
    Computers work by two basic components which are hardware and software. They have evolved as the technology has progressed. The physical parts, which you can see and touch, are called hardware. On the other hand, software ...
  • Márquez de León, Verónica (2012-01)
    An image is a visual interpretation that represents the visual appearance of one real or imaginary object. There are different types of images and color models for its graphical representation.
  • Internet 
    Cerón Brito, Miriam (2012-01)
    This presentation contains the most common terms used in the area of the internet, ranging from its definition to the different ways to connect and the services we offer.
  • Zamora Lucio, Marco Antonio (2012-01)
    The objective is that students use the office software for their scholar activities, of investigation and daily life with the use of word processor.
  • Galarza Hernández, Zeferino (2012-01)
    Contains and applies the methodology of algorithms for solving common problems by the analysis and logical mathematic reasoning that allow to choose the best solution.
  • Ángeles Ángeles, Francisco (2012-01)
    This presentation allows the teacher to explain to the student in a timely manner the basic concepts and the main screen of a spreadsheet , pointing in each slide the first topics of Unit 1 obtaining a better learning.
  • Ubuntu 
    Pérez Tavera, Iván Horacio (2012-12-18)
    Linux ya se había establecido como una plataforma de servidor de la empresa en 2004. Pero el software libre no era aún parte de la vida cotidiana para la mayoría de usuarios. Es por eso que Mark Shuttleworth reunió a un ...
  • Álvarez Isasi, María del Carmen (2013-01)
    This document allows the student to become familiar with the support software to perform mental maps and conceptual and apply them in the various subjects.
  • Ángeles Ángeles, Francisco (2013-01)
    These topics identify concepts: groups of cells, ranges of cells, rows and columns selection, insert or delete rows and columns, and fill data series, same as applied in a practical example, reaffirming student learning.
  • Hardware 
    Quintero López, Esmeralda (2013-07)
    It is important that students obtain the knowledge and use of technology to provide the theoretical and practical tools that will be needed in later life as a student, professional and as an individual committed to its ...
  • Ángeles Ángeles, Francisco (2013-07)
    This presentation explains to the student the necessary topics for inserting data into a spreadsheet, and the different formats for them. These topics identify concepts of : groups of cells, ranges of cells, rows and ...
  • Ángeles Ángeles, Francisco (2013-07)
    This presentation gives an overview of the Dreamweaver editor and teaches its main working tools included in each menu.


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