Recent Submissions

  • Normas ISO en Investigación de Mercados 

    Olvera Altamira, Christian (2017-09-01)
    ISO is a topic that is used to refer to a set of established international standards for quality systems. These standards can be applied practically in any company, from product manufacturers, to service providers.
  • Empresa 

    Olguín Guzmán, Perla Verónica (2015-07-01)
    La materia marca la pauta a seguir para que el alumno adquiera los conocimientos necesarios para motivarse a ser un emprendedor capaz se crear un producto o servicio identificando alguna necesidad de su entorno.
  • Oferta y demanda 

    Orta Rojas, Maricela (2015-06-30)
    The difference between supply and demand is that demand is the quality of goods or services that a supplier provides to the market. On the other hand demand is the quantity. Of goods and services that people and companies ...
  • Emprendedor 

    Peñafiel Nájera, Aracely (2014-01)
    An entrepreneur is one able to fight for any inconvenience that interposes through their strategy and is not afraid to fail. In this presentation we show the features that he has and the way to be one of them.
  • Diseño de un proyecyo 

    Peñafiel Nájera, Aracely (2014-01)
    This presentation shows the design and the features of a logo and a slogan that must contain a project.
  • Actividad de diagnóstico 

    Ibarra González, María de los Remedios (2012-01)
    The objective of the INNOVA subject is to acquire the necessary knowledge to identify the phenomena of economic and administrative environment using strategies, learning methods and procedures to implement the administration ...
  • Empresa 

    Carrillo Batres, Delfino (2011-01)
    The issue of management within the field of INNOVA is extremely importance, it is one of basic topics for developing their competencies, skills and objectives of the subject, as the topics in this unit will provide the ...