• Freetime activities 

      Autor desconocido (2012)
    • Operaciones con Polinomios: Suma y Resta / Multiplicación 

      Montes Austria, Abigaín Erubé (2012)
      This presentation covers two main concepts of the basic operations with polynomials, addition and multiplication. The first point is to remember the laws of exponents and classification concepts concerning ...
    • Definiciones de estrategias de aprendizaje 

      Villalobos Sánchez, Adriana Guadalupe (2012-01)
      In this work is defined the concept of "learning to learn" to introduce the topic of learning strategies, types and characteristics also, skills, ability and intentional learning factors which are important elements ...
    • Fuentes, tipos y patrones de innovación tecnológica 

      Carrera Aguirre, Viridiana (2012-01)
      To understand the dynamics of business competitiveness today is vital to reflect on the process of technological innovation (sources, types and patterns) as a strategic imperative that is necessary to implement ...
    • Metodología de Auditoría Tecnológica. Fase:Planeación 

      Montes Austria, Abigaín Erubé (2012-01)
      The audit methodology is one of the key factors to be considered by an auditor, Success or failure depends on many occasions of the methodology itself (a good choice and monitoring) and in its first phase which is ...
    • Política Fiscal en México 

      Balderas Arrieta, Irma (2012-01)
      This topic gives to the students the basic elements of the public finance, particularly the fiscal policy as an instrument of the macroeconomics policy, which interferes in the real economic activity. This theme shows ...
    • Food and Drink Vocabulary Ordering in a Restaurant 

      Algrijo Romero, Clara Mabel (2012-01)
      This material can be used for different porpuses such as; reviewing vocabulary already checked or for introducing new vocabulary about food and drink and as a support for teaching how to order food in a restaurant.
    • Linking Words 

      Guevara Escobedo, Alejandra (2012-01)
    • Muestra y muestreo 

      Bolaños Rodríguez, Ernesto (2012-01)
      Shows the ways to determine the sample size from the population that can be finite and well known and unknown infinite, illustrating each case with calculation examples. Also shown are the types of probability ...
    • Reported Speech 

      Algrijo Romero, Clara Mabel (2012-01)
      This material can be used for different purposes such as; reviewing some tenses already checked or as a support for teaching reported speech.
    • Jobs 

      Muñoz Pérez, Judith Flor (2012-01)
      The following presentation has different purposes. One of them is to show students vocabulary about jobs and and the other one is to show students what do the people in each one of the pictures do according to ...
    • Generalidades de los Elementos de Tendencia Central y de Dispersión 

      Bolaños Rodríguez, Ernesto (2012-01)
      The session provides an overview of the elements of central tendency and dispersion as one of the tools of descriptive statistics. Exemplified by simple calculations with odd and even data from a variable under ...
    • Comparative and superlative form 

      González Canto, Adriana (2012-01)
      This material can be as warm-up, for practising vocabulary, and as a support for teaching and or practising comparative and superlative form.
    • Premio ADIAT 

      Hernández Hernández, Julio César (2012-01)
      Identify the nature of ADIAT to support science and technology in our country in order that the student has the necessary knowledge to guide the specific needs of support for R + D + i.
    • Introducción al comercio electrónico 

      Pedraza Amador, Elba Mariana (2012-01)
      The main objective of this work is to have an overview of the Electronic COmmerce fundamentals, its types, the difference with Electronic Business and how the e-commerce is the basis to establish e-marketing strategies.
    • Orígenes de la ciencia 

      Coronado Meneses, Myriam (2012-01)
      The origins of science are approached from important periods of its development in Greek science, scholasticism, medieval as well as part of its development in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Similarly ...
    • Gestión tecnológica y competitividad 

      Pérez Hernández, Carla Carolina (2012-01)
      K + R&D + I, ensures generate greater added value than competitors. In this sense, the business environment, which includes competitors and customers, is the root cause that drives organizations to innovate. Then, ...
    • Definición de Contabilidad Financiera 

      González Cadena, Maribel (2012-01)
      To know and to interpret the financial situation of a company will help the professional of Technology Management, the need to look for economic resources that allow the development of innovative products or services, ...
    • Introducción a las tecnologías de información 

      Díaz Fergadiz Roldán, Ana Silvia (2012-01)
      Information Technology (IT) is the use of computers and software to manage information. In some companies this is referred to Management Information Services (MIS) in which the principal role is storing, protecting, ...
    • Teoría del consumidor 

      Balderas Arrieta, Irma (2012-01)
      The students will understand the consumer theory through the analyses of the consumer preferences, the maximizing utility, and the impact of the changes in the consumer incomes and the changes of the goods.