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    • Foreign Cities 

      Pérez Pérez, Maribel (2015-01-05)
      When we have just met someone the most frequent thing to do is start chatting, usually about ones hometown. So we ask and answer questions related to cities, towns, etc. Let's see how to do it in English.
    • Introductions 

      Pérez Pérez, Maribel (2015-01-05)
    • What career to choose 

      Pérez Pérez, Maribel (2015-01-01)
      This time we are going to use the vocabulary, phrases and language expressions learnt in previous units in order to talk about everyday situations. En esta ocasión usaremos vocabulario, frases y expresiones del idioma que ...
    • What happened when you were not there 

      Pérez Pérez, Maribel (2015-01-05)