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    • Tiro Parabólico 

      Unknown author (2011)
      The parabolic shot is a movement that results from the union of two movements: The uniform rectilinear motion (horizontal component) and vertical motion (vertical component) that is effected by gravity and the result of ...
    • Circuitos de Resistencias en Serie y Paralelo 

      Romero Hoyos, Agustina (2011)
      Circuit is a set of electrical elements through which electric current flows.
    • Circuitos Mixtos de Resistencias 

      Romero Hoyos, Agustina (2011)
      Mixed circuit is a combination of elements connected in series and in parallel through which electric current flows.
    • Dinámica 

      Unknown author (2011)
      Newton's Second Law a body when you apply a force constant acceleration resulting is proportional to the force and inversely proportional to mass.
    • Magnetismo 

      Soto Romero, Juan Carlos (2011)
      Magnetism It is the property that bodies have called magnets attract iron, nickel and cobalt. Its importance in very large as it is used in ringers, alarm switches, motors, spacers metal bodies, etc.
    • Hidrostática 

      Cortazar Martínez, Adriana (2011)
      Hydrostatic studies fluids at rest. Fluids have characteristic properties such as surface tension, density, specific gravity and viscosity.
    • Electrodinámica 

      Soto Romero, Juan Carlos (2011)
      Electrodynamics: Study the electric charge in motion. Electronics: is the part of applied physics that deals with the design and application of devices, such as electronic circuits, whose operation is based on the flow ...
    • Ley de Coulomb 

      Soto Romero, Juan Carlos (2011)
      Coulomb's Law "The force generated between two charges is directly proportional to the product of the charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them."
    • Potencia, Efecto Joule y Capacitancia 

      Soto Romero, Juan Carlos (2011)
      Power It is the speed with which an electrical device performs work or consumes energy.
    • Sistemas de Vectores 

      Romero Hoyos, Agustina (2011)
      Vector is a graphical representation of a vector quantity. It is a directed line segment.
    • Suma Vectorial (parte 1) 

      Romero Hoyos, Agustina (2011)
      La suma vectorial se puede realizar por medio de métodos analíticos como son la ley de senos y cosenos, el teorema de Pitágoras o por el método de descomposición.
    • Suma Vectorial (parte 2) 

      Romero Hoyos, Agustina (2011)
      La suma vectorial también se puede llevar a cabo por medio de métodos gráficos como son el método del triángulo, el del paralelogramo y el del polígono.
    • Física Óptica 

      Martínez Espinosa, Verónica (2011)
      Physics studies all nature, for understanding is divided into classical and modern. Optical physics studies the phenomena related to acoustics and optics that is produced by waves.
    • Cinemática 

      Unknown author (2011)
      Kinematics is the branch of mechanics that studies the motion without considering the causes that produce it.
    • Características de las ondas 

      Romero Hoyos, Agustina (2011)
      Vibratory Movement It is a repetitive motion, similar to the circular motion as it always comes back to the starting point that transmits energy.
    • Vectores 

      García Ordaz, María Irma; Vargas Nava, Margarito; Trigueros Ríos, Gerardo Felipe (2012-01)
      Types of vector and scalar quantities, resolution problems by analytical graphics methods.
    • Campo eléctrico e Intensidad de campo 

      Olguín Meza, María de Jesús (2012-01)
      Students understand the importance of the study of electricity, its application in industry and its relationship to everyday life. The science of electricity originated with the observation, made by Thales of Miletus in ...
    • Unidades y mediciones 

      García Ordaz, María Irma; Vargas Nava, Margarito; Trigueros Ríos, Gerardo Felipe (2012-01)
      Measurement units, multiples and submultiples, scientific notation, conversions and practical applications.
    • Antecedentes Históricos de la Electricidad 

      Fragoso Castro, Edgar Noé (2013-07)
      Have you thought about the utility of electricity in our lives, what if you had no phone? , you would do if you could not turn on the TV?, this paper develops the history of electricity.
    • Óptica Geométrica 

      Olguín Meza, María de Jesús (2013-07)
      In physics, geometrical optics begins from the phenomenological laws of Snell and Descartes as other sources of reflection and refraction. From them, just do geometry with the light rays to obtain formulas that correspond ...