Example of organization that adapts to current economic and social demands

Keywords: Adaptation, COVID-19, educational model, education management, educational organization


Currently, the organizations have to adapt quickly in a forced way to the economic, social, technological and health changes that national and international society demands, especially when it comes to higher education, where those who will be part of the activity in the near economic future, and educational organizations are no exception.

For this reason, the Tecnológico de Monterrey as an educational organization has seen the need to transform its educational model throughout its history, however, the most shocking change it has applied to its educational model has been in 2019 with the application of the Tec21 Model, which is considered unique due to its close relationship with organizations and challenges of working life, as well as being flexible and personalized. The Tec21 Model had to be modified earlier than expected, to adapt to the contingency of COVID-19, as a consequence, its educational management was also affected to develop the model as best as possible, the same situation that happened with all the institutions of higher education nationwide, taking similar strategies for their educational success.


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Author Biography

Montserrat Rebeil Barragán , Tecnológico de Monterrey

Professor of the Tecnológico de Monterrey of the Business School, and, Academic Co-coordinator of Campus Valle Alto at Universidad Regiomontana.statement


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