Sentimental analysis of female entrepreneurs based on public tweets

Keywords: Sentimental Analysis, Entrepreneurs, Twitter


After the declaration of the COVID 19 pandemic, jobs and occupations had to return to normal, however many people lost their main source of resources, so the incorporation of women in different ventures has been a flag to get ahead with work for their families, so the objective of this work is to identify opinions about entrepreneurs,  using the technique of sentimental analysis to classify unstructured information from public tweets using for data processing, the Rstudio software with the retweet, word cloud and emo libraries collecting the feelings that people have through the microblogging platform Twitter in the period from June 20 to July 10, 2022. The results show that 74.53% of users perceive positive and very positive feelings toward women entrepreneurs, so it can be concluded that the impact of the incorporation of women entrepreneurs, which although at this time is still uncertain is perceived as an important factor for the economic recovery.    


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