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  • Riesgo 

    Hernández Silva, Ariadne (2018-04-01)
    The risks that an organization faces can be of a different nature. The most common risks we face are: market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, operational risk and business risk.
  • Clasificación de Proyectos de Inversión 

    Acosta Velázquez, Silvia C. (2018-04-01)
    Proceso de transformación de ideas surgidas del hallazgo de necesidades, oportunidades o problemas, en el que se plantean soluciones concretas para proveer bienes y servicios que resuelven los problemas o aprovechen ...
  • Patentes 

    Vargas Adame, Nancy Maribel (2018-04-01)
    Patents is the most important issue of intelectually property, let the industries generate discoveries and development in science and technology.
  • Método de la bisección 

    Acuña Galván, Israel (2018-04-01)
    There are different numerical methods to find the roots of an equation, one of these methods is the bisection method, in this material the basis of this method is explained and its requirements are mentioned .
  • Operaciones con números racionales 

    Bolaños Rodríguez, Ernesto (2018-04-01)
    The present session is developed, through the resolution of exercises with rational numbers where algebraic and arithmetic operations are performed using the corresponding properties for addition, subtraction, ...
  • Marco regulatorio de la ciencia y la tecnología 

    BARRANCO MENDOZA, Joselyn (2018-04-01)
    La falta de coordinación entre los actores relacionados con el desarrollo de la ciencia y la tecnología y el sector empresarial provoca un rezago en el mercado global del conocimiento.
  • Inteligencias Múltiples 

    Villalobos Sánchez, Adriana Guadalupe (2018-04-01)
    Theory developed by Howard Gardner, American developmental psychologist. Although the distinction between intelligences has been set out in great detail, Gardner opposes the idea of labeling learners to a specific ...
  • ¿Qué es Inteligencia? 

    Vargas Adame, Nancy Maribel (2018-04-01)
    Economic intelligence is key for the organisation and its features and development
  • Fondo de innovación tecnológica (FIT) 

    Vargas Adame, Nancy Maribel (2018-04-01)
    The Public investment in Technological projects is very important for the development of countries and I+D Activities
  • Responsabilidad Social 

    Villalobos Sánchez, Adriana Guadalupe (2018-04-01)
    Social responsibility refers to the mensuration that have about the functionality of a company, the benefits or damages that you have to the society in which you are and and in more specific in the human environment.
  • ¿Qué puede hacerse para aumentar la capacidad tecnológica de las regiones más desfavorecidas? 

    Bolaños Rodríguez, Ernesto (2018-04-01)
    This work presents examples of cases in economically disadvantaged regions of the State of Hidalgo, in Mexico and a country on the African continent. Some proposals are determined to increase the Technological Capacity ...
  • Radar de la Innovación 

    Pedraza Amador, Elba M. (2018-04-01)
    En la actualidad, la innovación es uno de los principales retos a los que se enfrentan las empresas, sin embargo, su alcance va más allá de la generación de productos y servicios nuevos o mejorados. Se trata de entregar ...
  • Negociación y elaboración de contratos y convenios. 

    Barranco Mendoza, Joselyn (2018-04-01)
    Agreement of two or more people to create, transfer, modify or extinguish obligations. The agreements that produce or transfer the obligations and rights take the name of CONTRACTS.
  • Consultoría en Gestión Tecnológica 

    Álvarez Reyes, Edgar Rogelio (2018-04-01)
    The objective is to integrate the knowledge related to technology management, develop skills and put into practice tools to strengthen organizations and entrepreneurs in the technological aspects, through the consulting ...
  • Encuadre 

    May Anaya, Ana María (2018-04-01)
    Every company, through an adequate administration has to generate enough money to achieve the purposes for which it was created. Broadly, when studying the financial administration we can see the combination of these ...
  • Five Functions of Management & Leading 

    Hernández Silva, Ariadne (2018-04-01)
    Effective management and leadership involve creative problem solving, motivating employees and making sure the organization accomplishes objectives and goals. These functions separate the management process from other ...
  • Primitivas tridimensionales en sistemas de realidad virtual con x3dom 

    Hernández Camacho, Jorge (2017-08-31)
    The primitives are three-dimensional shapes for 3D modeling for virtual reality systems, where in this case the X3D programming language is used, and with the help of the X3DOM Javascript library for the integration ...
  • Primitivas básicas tridimensionales en sistemas de realidad virtual con x3dom 

    Hernández Camacho, Jorge (2017-08-31)
    Las primitivas son las formas tridimensionales básicas para el modelado en 3D para sistemas de realidad virtual, donde en este caso se utiliza el lenguaje de programación de X3D, y con la ayuda de la librería en ...
  • Paradigmas de la Inteligencia Artificial 

    Lara Gutiérrez, Héctor Gerardo (2017-08-31)
    Intelligence, is the ability to understand, evoke, mobilize and constructively integrate what has been learned and to use it to face new situations. Artificial, is that whose origin product is not natural, but was made ...
  • Leyes de los Exponentes 

    Sifuentes Carrillo, Roxana (2017-08-31)
    Exponents are a way of expressing the multiplication of an expression by itself a certain number of times. When evaluating and simplifying exponents, we use the Laws of Exponents, a series of rules that help us find ...

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