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    • Necesidades de y Justificaciones BD. 

      Hernández Camacho, Jorge (2009)
      In this paper we present the database needs, and basic concepts.
    • Introducción de Conceptos Generales de Internet 

      Hernández Camacho, Jorge (2009)
      This paper presents the introductory concepts of systems development for the Internet.
    • Diccionario de Datos 

      Hernández Camacho, Jorge (2010)
      In this paper presents an introduction to data dictionaries as its basis for databases
    • Elementos de diseño de memoria caché 

      Hernández Palacios, Raúl (2011)
      The use of the cache in a computer system increases the overall performance of it, so it is necessary to know the strategies for the design and implementation of this type of memory.
    • Memoria Caché y memoria principal 

      Hernández Palacios, Raúl (2011)
      You need to know the constitution of the cache and how you interact with the main memory, to know the modes of transfer between them. This paper presents a brief description of how to operate the cache.
    • Gestión de Memoria 

      Hernández Palacios, Raúl (2011)
      One of the main tasks of the processor and the OS on a computer system is memory management, which is very necessary to maintain large-scale overall system performance
    • Recuperación de base de datos - Tipos de Fallos 

      Hernández Camacho, Jorge (2011)
      In this paper presents an introduction to the recovery of databases, where in this case is a compilation of types of failures that can be databases with examples.
    • Introducción a las Computadoras 

      Hernández Palacios, Raúl (2011)
      In the present work is given to know the basic structure of a computer and explains how they interact with each of the components with the rest of them, well-illustrated and explains the formation of the CPU and the operation ...
    • Jerarquía de Memoria 

      Hernández Palacios, Raúl (2011)
      In a computer system is required to rank the memory spaces for better management of the operating system, for that reason this paper has designed a material is disclosed where the disinter available memory space in a system.
    • Datos 

      Lezama León, Evangelina (2011)
      The data are the base of computer. In this paper we study concepts, structure and data handling. The representation of text, images, audio and video as bit patterns and the representation of numbers.
    • Estructura de datos. Árboles 

      Unknown author (2011)
      Desde el punto de vista conceptual, un árbol es un objeto que comienza con una raíz (root) y se extiende en varias ramificaciones o líneas (edges), cada una de las cuales puede extenderse en ramificaciones hasta ...
    • Estructura de datos. Recursión 

      Unknown author (2011)
      La recursión o recursividad es un concepto amplio, con muchas variantes, y difícil de precisar con pocas palabras.
    • Estructuras Fundamentales de Datos 

      Unknown author (2011)
      Con el propósito de que la computadora procese la información esta debe ser almacenada en la memoria. De acuerdo con la forma en que los datos se organizan se clasifican en: *Tipos de datos simples (TDS) * Tipos ...
    • Introducción a LATEX 

      Hernández Camacho, Jorge (2011)
      This paper presents an introduction to LaTeX that allows the author of a text layout and print your document with the highest typographical quality, using this pre-defined patterns.
    • Modelo OSI 

      Andrade Hernández, Efraín (2011-07)
      During the last two decades have seen tremendous growth in the number and size of networks. Many of them however, implementations were developed using different hardware and software. As a result, many networks were ...
    • Modos de Direccionamiento 

      Andrade Hernández, Efraín (2011-07)
      They are means to facilitate the programming task, allowing access to data in a natural and efficient. These tell the processor how to calculate the absolute address (real or effective) where data is located.
    • Cálculo de Áreas Elementales 

      Hernández Hernández, Alfonso (2011-07)
      This paper presents a systematic technique for approximating the area of a curvilinear region using easy to calculate polygonal areas.
    • Sistema Numérico 

      Hernández Hernández, Alfonso (2011-07)
      This paper presents a set of rules that serve to express the numbers.
    • Unified Modeling Language 

      Mendoza Castelán, Juvencio (2011-07)
      It is an abstraction of objects with similar characteristics. For example: Ruth Martin Gonzalez and Jager have characteristics (attributes) and behavior (methods) similar, so it can be abstracted into a class called Person.
    • UML Concept 

      Mendoza Castelán, Juvencio (2011-07)
      Unified Modeling Language It is a communication tool or notation with its own symbols for system modeling. It is a methodology, so it does not show the order of steps for developing OO applications. UML is the standard ...