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    • La Administración de la Tecnología de la Información en las Organizaciones 

      Leonel Hernández, Abraham (2011-07)
      The introduction of computer technology has brought organizations associated with expected productivity levels in many cases. One reason for this paradox is the consideration that this problem is reduced to a technical ...
    • Administración de Tecnologías de Información 

      Fuentes Penna, Alejandro (2014-01)
      Each year the sales managers of large IT and telecommunications companies advertise "this time is good" for the final technological panacea that will solve the problems of any organization.
    • Analog to digital converters 

      Unknown author (2017-01-31)
      The resolution of an ADC is determined by the number of bits used to represent the digital number.
    • Aplicaciones de las gráficas por computadora 

      Vera Carranza, Ma. del Carmen (2014-03-28)
      On Computers graphics there are several graphs uses, for example, to represent the behavior according the data provided and so make decisions, to make editable designs, create artworks representations, among others. The ...
    • Aplicaciones de Redes Neuronales e Inspiracióm Biológica 

      Tomás Mariano, Víctor Tomás (2011-07)
      This presentation will raise a number of areas where they apply different neural network paradigms. We describe the biological model of a neuron, as well as the basics of neuron.
    • Aprendizaje No Supervisado (Aprendizaje Asociativo) 

      Tomás Mariano, Víctor Tomás (2011-07)
      It gives an introduction to associative learning using Hebb's postulate of learning networks belonging to unsupervised.
    • Apuntadores 

      Unknown author (2017-01-31)
      Los apuntadores son variables que tienen direcciones de memoria como sus valores. Por lo regular una variable contiene directamente un valor específico. Un apuntador, por otra parte, contiene la dirección de una variable ...
    • Arquitectura de la Tecnología de Información 

      Leonel Hernández, Abraham (2011-07)
      The IT architecture is composed of technology domains that facilitate their study, structured analysis and application: Application Collaboration Data and Data Warehouse Telecommunications Computing Security Internet ...
    • Arquitectura de un Sistema de Almacén de Datos 

      Nuñez Cárdenas, Felipe de Jesús (2011-08)
      The construction of a data warehouse involve determining the dimensions that must have, as well as the attributes that each will have, all within multidimensional architecture
    • Arreglo de Registros Internos 

      Andrade Hernández, Efraín (2011-07)
      The Central Processing Unit (CPU, for its acronym in English) has 14 internal registers each 16 bits. The first four, AX, BX, CX and DX are general purpose and can also be used as 8-bit registers. That is, AX can be divided ...
    • Arreglos 

      Cuevas Rivera, Iris Beth (2017-08-31)
      This document talks about the array definition, its characteristics and the types of arrays in Java.
    • Arreglos y Estructuras 

      Baltazar Guzmán, Francisco Javier (2011-08)
      The arrangements are a collection of variables of the same type that are referenced using a common name. An array consists of contiguous memory locations. The lowest address corresponds to the first element and the highest last.
    • Aspectos sociales y ecológicos de los Proyectos Tecnológicos 

      Acosta Velázquez, Silvia C. (2019-05-30)
      De acuerdo a lo señalado por la Comisión Europea, los Proyectos de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico tienen impactos potenciales organizados en las categorías de impactos medioambientales e impactos sociales, además ...
    • Auditoría Informática 

      Unknown author (2011-07)
      The opening every time bigger that Mexico is giving to material enterprises even international enterprises, the growing use of informatics technologies as tool for achieve competitive advantage and trying to control trough ...
    • Autómata Finito Determinista 

      Díaz Iruegas, Crsitian Arturo (2011-07)
      The following document talks about the use of deterministic finite automaton (which are part of regular languages) which are abstractions of machines, without taking into account either the shape of machinery, not its size ...
    • Árboles 

      Hernández Coca, Guadalupe (2011-07)
      This presentation shows the basic aspects to us that will allow to handle to the structure important tree and its characteristics us but.
    • Bases de Investigación 

      Acosta Velázquez, Silvia C. (2019-05-30)
      La investigación científica es un proceso que se lleva a cabo para obtener información y ampliar el conocimiento sobre un tema, a través de la aplicación del método científico. Haciendo uso de diferentes técnicas es ...
    • Bibliotecas y Tipos 

      Ortíz González, Mónica (2011-07)
      Body whose main function is to maintain, update and facilitate the use of documents that require users to meet their information needs, research and education, with specialist staff
    • Calculo Proposicional, Disyunción. 

      Hernández Hernández, Rodolfo (2011-07)
      In this work we present the molecular propositions topic dilemmas that belong equally to propositional logic, which are very important for subsequent application in the construction of switching circuits.
    • Cálculo de Áreas Elementales 

      Hernández Hernández, Alfonso (2011-07)
      This paper presents a systematic technique for approximating the area of a curvilinear region using easy to calculate polygonal areas.