The appropriateness of health education

Keywords: Health Education, Illness, Levels of care, Interdisciplinary work., Interdisciplinary work


The subject of the present dissertation is to emphasize the importance of promoting and using the Health Education Theory and strategies, as an advance that manages to overcome the models that are used within patient care, through traditional methods, which focus on diseases, their prevention and treatments if they are present, giving priority to research to care for diseases, thus only fighting against morbid processes, which have already manifested themselves, from the level prevention or care. The Health Education is a strategy established in Ottawa, Canada in 1986, at the First World Conference on Health Promotion, where it is defined as: the process that provides individuals and communities with the means necessary to exercise greater control over their own health and thus be able to improve it, with its motto "Health for all in the year 2000", which has remained a utopian ideal at this time, still implies a challenge for the new Century and the changes in the comprehensive health approach.


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