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    • Liderazgo 

      Jaen Hernández, Víctor Manuel (2016-07-01)
      Manage means to lead: Philip B. Crosby reminds us - "There comes a time that someone should do the job." If we are going to do it, if we are going to ensure that tasks are performed and responsibilities are met, we must ...
    • Liderazgo 

      Vargas Pérez, Rogelio (2016-07-01)
      It is the ability to influence in others to achieve common goals.
    • Liderazgo 

      Flores Jiménez, Ivette; Flores Jiménez, Ruth; Tapia Castillo, Iliana; Salazar Márquez, Gloria Monserrat (2011-07)
      Leadership is a critical part of the administrative general process. It is located in the center and bottom of the administrative part which has to do with implementation through people. Without leadership the organizational ...
    • Liderazgo, funciones y naturaleza 

      Reyes Vázquez, Sonia Guadalupe (2016-07-01)
      Guide the direction of the craft when we know having the control about the decisions in front of the people with different caracteristics, actitudes, aptitudes excersising and the power with the respect and the values.
    • Macroeconomía 

      Ayala Hernández, Silvia (2011-07)
      To provide the student the elements to understand how the economy functions , its structure and the relationship between its main variables such as investment, savings prices, among others.
    • Macroeconomía 

      Flores Candelaria, Fabia Luz (2012-01)
      Introduce students to the formal study of the behavior of aggregate economic variables over time in a closed economy and open. Should handle the common core of macroeconomics, i.e., those principles and tools that match ...
    • Making Comparisons 

      Corte Blanquel, Miriam (2017-08-31)
      The students will learn how to compare things, places and people. They will get familiar with the vocabulary to make comparisons.
    • Marcas 

      Rodríguez Vite, Higor (2018-10-01)
      La creciente importancia de las marcas en las actividades comerciales responde a la creciente competencia entre las empresas que realizan actividades comerciales en más de un país. Las marcas se han utilizado para ...
    • Marco Teórico Conceptual 

      Ortiz González, Mónica (2011)
      The information collected for the theoretical framework will provide a thorough understanding of the theory that gives meaning to research. Taking into account the considerations necessary for the development of research ...
    • Media Geométrica 

      Martínez García, María Dolores; Salazar Hernández, Blanca Cecilia (2018-08-31)
      Existen diferentes tipos de medias: aritmética, ponderada y geométrica entre otras, cada una de estas se utiliza para un propósito específico de acuerdo al tipo de situación planteada. En el caso de trabajar con índices, ...
    • Mercado de Opciones 

      González Pérez, R. Yahir (2011-08)
      The students will understand what an option market is. they will learn the different kinds of stock and the factors that influence their cost as well as the currency risk.
    • Mercados financieros 

      Suárez Macías, José Delfino (2017-08-31)
      Financial markets are the mechanism through which financial assets (such as stocks, bonds and futures) are exchanged between economic agents and the place where their prices are determined (it does not have to be a ...
    • Mercados Interbancarios 

      González Pérez, R. Yahir (2011-08)
      The students will understand what the interbank market is and its functions for society, as well as the operations that can be made in it. They will make a comparative table where they will express the differences ...
    • Metodología cualitativa 

      Mendoza Moheno, Jessica (2018-08-31)
      This presentation is part of the course Fundamentals of Methodology imparted to students of the third semester. Qualitative methodology is defined, its nature, the critics that has received and the methods used in this ...
    • Método de Costeo Directo 

      Prado De la Vega, Oralia Vanessa (2019-06-26)
      El costeo directo es un método de costeo que sirve de herramienta fundamental en la toma de decisiones del administrador financiero de la entidad económica, por esa razón, es necesario conocerlo y entender sus ventajas ...
    • Métodos y Técnicas de Evaluación de Proyectos de Inversión 

      Bautista Hernández, Ismael (2011-07)
      Methods and Techniques of Evaluation of Investment Projects When a company makes an investment or business incurs a cash disbursement in order to generate future economic benefits that provide an attractive return for ...
    • Micro y pequeña empresa 

      Reyes Cruz, Juan Luis (2011-07)
      Theoretic and conceptual references and network development of Pymes in the local-regional-global context. Conditions of economic competition faced by small- and medium-size businesses in developing countries suggest ...
    • Microeconomía 

      Ayala Hernández, Silvia (2011-07)
      At the end of the semester the student will know the elements of the microeconomics, the market development, the several techniques of production, costs, expenses and prices respectively.
    • El Mix del marketing 

      García García, Marco Antonio I.; Ramírez León, Juan Eduardo; López García, Sofía E. (2016-01-31)
      The marketing mix or marketing mix, is a definition used to describe the group of instruments and various factors that have the person in charge of marketing for a company to achieve the goals of the organization. This ...
    • Modal verbs 

      Vázquez Nava, Adriana (2017-08-31)
      The modal verbs include can, must, may, might, will, woul d, should. They are used with other verbs to express abilit y, obligation, possibility, and so on. Modal verbs are unlike other verbs. They do not change their ...