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    • ¿Qué es una tesis? 

      Pichardo Zaragoza, Eva Luz (2016-07-01)
      A thesis is a more complete document to obtain an academic degree. It covers many different requirements to be obtained and those requirements are asked for by many institutions. However, it is no longer done for various ...
    • ¿Qué son las organizaciones? 

      Hernández Calzada, Martín Aubert (2018-10-31)
      This presentation is part of the course Strategy of Management imparted to students of the fifth semester. An organization is a set of resources and capabilities.
    • Regresión Lineal y Correlación 

      Sifuentes Carrillo, Roxana (2017-08-31)
      Linear regression is a technique that includes a form of estimation and analysis of the sample data to know if and how 2 or more variables in a population are related to each other. It serves to make possible predictions ...
    • Relación Costo Unitario y Volumen de Producción 

      Cruz Gómez, Omar (2011)
      Reflect a true picture of the calculations based on unit costs and getting the output.
    • Rivalidad Competitiva 

      Hernández Calzada, Martín Aubert (2018-10-31)
      This presentation is part of the course Strategy of Management imparted to students of the fifth semester. An organization must know the competitive rivalry in the market to define strategies.
    • Segmentación 

      Valencia Sandoval, Karina (2017-08-31)
      La búsqueda de una ventaja competitiva entre las organizaciones ha hecho que éstas tengan que enfocarse en mercados específicos, involucrándose en aspectos claves del consumidor, características que al momento de decidir ...
    • Selección de Personal 

      Rodríguez Vite, Higor (2011-07)
    • Selección de Personal 

      Sarmiento Vargas, Ignacio (2011)
    • Servicios empresariales y consultoría 

      Reyes Vázquez, Sonia Guadalupe (2011-07)
      In this course the student will acquire basic knowledge of consulting, differing forms of diagnosis and being able to plan and implement its image as a consultant. Also, have the ability to develop various forms of ...
    • Sistema de intermediación Bursátil 

      González Pérez, R. Yahir (2011-12)
      The students will analyze the concepts of an electronic broking system, the role it plays within the Mexican stock exchange and the subjects involved in its operation.
    • Sistema de Inventario ABC 

      Ramírez Ramírez, Victoria; Ramírez Montaño, Antonio (2019-06-26)
      El costo basado en la actividad es un método de cálculo de costos que identifica las actividades en una organización y asigna el costo de cada actividad a todos los productos y servicios de acuerdo con el consumo real ...
    • Sistema Financiero Mexicano 

      Suárez Macías, José Delfino (2017-08-31)
      The financial system plays a central role in the functioning and development of the economy. It is mainly composed of different intermediaries and financial markets, through which a variety of instruments mobilize savings ...
    • Sociología 

      Lara Díaz, Juana (2011-07)
      The tools acquired in this course are theoretical and methodological in their social environment, allowing them to develop a critical awareness, analytical based on the theories and concepts of authors precursors of sociology.
    • El Subdesarrollo 

      Calderón Flores, Martha Gabriela (2015-06-30)
      For a better understanding of development processes in the world, it’s important to study its counterpart: underdevelopment. In this presentation, the main features that define a country as an underdeveloped one are analyzed, ...
    • Taller de Expresión Oral y Escrita 

      Zarazúa Rodríguez, Alejandra; de León Vázquez, Irma Isabel; Flores Jiménez, Irma María; Salazar Márquez, Gloria Monserrat; Martínez San Nicolás, Luis Enrique (2011-07)
      When learning anything new, students and faculty alike rely heavily on sources other than themselves („external editors‟) to assess their understanding as they develop self-assessment skills (or 'internal editors‟). Although ...
    • Taller de informática 

      Duarte Esparza, Luis Alejandro (2011-07)
      When the program the student will understand the use of spreadsheet Intermediate - Advanced, you will have used this package for all types of graphics, applications databases.
    • Taller de Informática 

      Mera Callejas, Guillermo (2011-07)
      Microsoft Excel is an application for managing spreadsheets. This program is developed and distributed by Microsoft, and is commonly used in financial tasks, statistics, accounting and others. Microsoft Access. It is a ...
    • Las tendencias e impulsores globales en materia de emprendimiento 

      García García, Marco Antonio I. (2019-04-01)
      Entrepreneurship has become more than a fashion, a way of seeing the future in the professional field of people, based on the needs that the environment presents. The evolution and development in which society is immersed, ...
    • Teoría y diseño organizacional 

      Reyes Cruz, Juan Luis (2011-07)
      In this course we know the basic administrative foundations, organizational theory, power and distribution of authority, effective organization and culture.
    • Teorías generales de Douglas McGregor 

      Reyes Vázquez, Sonia Guadalupe (2016-07-01)
      At present the theory X and Y, try to explain the behavior and performance in the leadership based on the attitude the leader towards workers.