Utility of the broselow tape in Emergency Departments

  • Michael Khouli Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo
  • Mario I. Ortiz
  • Georgina Romo-Hernández


Since medication doses and equipment size vary with patient weight, accurately estimating the weight of pediatric emergency department patients is crucial for optimizing medical care. Often critically ill children cannot be safely weighed in the emergency department. While several different methods for estimating weight have been developed, one validated tool for rapidly estimating patient weight is the Broselow tape. However, some studies have found that this tape is less accurate in different settings, including those with a high prevalence of obesity or malnutrition. This review discusses the accuracy of the tape in several different populations, including children in various countries and those with obesity, compares it to other methods of weight estimation, and briefly addresses implementation of the Broselow tape in the emergency department.


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