Central giant cell granuloma in maxilla of a pediatric patient

  • Eduardo Varela-Ibáñez Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo
  • Diana E. Acosta-Cruz
  • Norith Recendez-Santillán


Central Giant Cell Granuloma or CGCG is a benign bone injury of the maxillas of origin non-odontegenic. It has epidemiology, histology, clinical and radiological characteristics well defined, and spit it shares similarities with other pathologies, its difference requires an intensive clinical and lab analysis. Due to its locally destructive nature and its high recurrence, its treatment is complex. For this reason, it is necessary surgical procedures which are able to provoke important aesthetic and functional effects. In this article apart from collecting information about CGCG, it has presented the case of a 11-year old child who presents such injury in the upper maxilla giving his pathologic descriptions and the description of the studies in his treatment.