Regulations of the Health Care System facing climate change in Mexico

  • Tania C. López-Martínez


Climate change poses a major challenge for all nations before the increasing alteration of the natural dynamics of the planet by human activities, since it has a social, economic and health impact on the population. It has been scientifically proven that climate change may originate and even make worse many diseases and health problems, this situation has led to take actions and implement public policies to address the issue in Mexico. This document presents a review of the legal and regulatory frameworks implemented by the Government of Mexico, focusing on the health care system to deal with the effects of climate change. This situation reveals the need to carry out more research on the subject, due to the wide variety of repercussions for the population’s health. To broaden the knowledge and the generation of scientific evidence, allows a better design of laws, strategies and programs before implementing policies in the country.


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López-Martínez, T. C. (2017). Regulations of the Health Care System facing climate change in Mexico. Mexican Journal of Medical Research ICSA, 5(10).