Maternal feeding and nutritional status of her children: A bibliographic review

  • Raquel Balderrama Díaz Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo
  • Rebeca María Elena Guzmán Saldaña Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo


Practices are "activities that people do on their own in order to continue living, being healthy, healing their diseases and preserving their welfare", behaviors that are deeply rooted in a belief system and cultural traditions, hardly replaced by new knowledge and also unknown to professionals who provide care. In general terms, they can be considered as the way people address and fulfil some needs. The cultural transmission of feeding methods among humans is mainly "by females". It is the mother who learns about categories and child feeding from her mother (the grandmother of the child), and this is how the mother feeds her child according to this cultural background. The World Health Organization and the International Obesity Task Force have established as a priority, the research on the influence of parental styles in healthy eating behaviors and behaviors shown by boys and girls, as obesity can occur as a sequel of malnutrition at an early age. Objective: bibliographic review of articles on maternal feeding and nutritional status of her children, from different models.