Influence of Oxalis tuberosa pregelatinized flour on rheological properties of gluten-free dough and quality of pan bread

  • Salvador Espino-Manzano
  • S Espino-Manzano
  • Norma Güemes-Vera
  • N Güemes-Vera
  • Jorge Chanona-Pérez J


Oxalis tuberosa (Ot) is a tuber of Andean origin used mainly for home consumption. The combination of flours and starches used for the production of gluten free products intended mainly for people with celiac disease. The texture properties of dough and bread are measured in the rheological tests texture profile analysis (TPA) and extensibility. Found that increased hardness parameter in the gluten-free dough compared to wheat flour increasing as pregelatinized Oxalis tuberosa (OtP) was added, contrary to the cohesiveness and springiness, diminishing and affected the quality of the final product structure and volume. The treatment supplemented with 10% (T2) of OtP was the one that took a closer control made with wheat flour (TTR) improved behaviour and properties of gluten-free controls (TGF) presenting a lower hardness and cohesiveness more. In the affective sensory evaluation were no significant differences (P> 0.05) between TTR and T2 were found.