Desarrollo del pensamiento crítico

  • Gerardo Bautista Bautista Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo
Palabras clave: Competencia, Significativo, Crítico, Cognitivo


The new education reforms of the baccalaureate systems in Mexico (RIEMS) are committed to a competency-based teaching-learning to acquire skills that allow students the ability to analyze, understand and solve current problems in their environment.

In order for the teaching-learning process to result in significant knowledge in the students, young people must be provoked to develop critical thinking in the tasks and activities assigned to them during their educational preparation.

In order to determine the causes of the previous problem, information must be obtained and also studies must be done of all the variables that favor the limitation of critical thinking in students. Among the factors that are considered as areas of study are the social environment of the young person, family environment, traditional teaching, lack of motivation, problems of the teacher to provide the student with cognitive skills in the field of critical judgment, the educational systems of the country, the attitude and aptitude of the same boy, friends, among others.

We must consider each of the mentioned factors and not assume that one factor or another is the cause of the problem. Here it is not accepted to make judgments of appreciation or valuations on the part of the researcher, it is necessary to sustain the results.

Achieving students develop a critical thinking, represents reaching the objectives of teaching-learning that is to put into practice the knowledge and give valid solutions to current day-to-day problems.


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