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    • Administración del Capital Humano 

      Flores Jiménez, Ruth; Flores Jiménez, Ivette (2011-07)
      All organization of individuals human capital and who depended on the good operation and the achievement of the objectives. The area of human resources of the organizations to perform a function of grant importance of this ...
    • Administración Estratégica 

      Flores Jiménez, Ruth; Salazar Márquez, Gloria Monserrat; Tapia Castillo, Delia Iliana (2011-07)
      The study of Strategic Management started a few decades ago and should be understood as one result of the advance of Management Sciences. The current article studies the process of Strategic Management, considering both ...
    • Liderazgo 

      Flores Jiménez, Ivette; Flores Jiménez, Ruth; Tapia Castillo, Iliana; Salazar Márquez, Gloria Monserrat (2011-07)
      Leadership is a critical part of the administrative general process. It is located in the center and bottom of the administrative part which has to do with implementation through people. Without leadership the organizational ...