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    • El Acto Administrativo 

      Lugo Ortiz, Sergio (2017-08-31)
      The administrative act is presented as one of the forms of action of the organs of the public administration, the classification, definition, and its elements will be addressed
    • Administración de la mercadotecnia 

      García García, Marco Antonio I.; Ramírez León, Juan Eduardo; López García, Sofía E. (2016-01-01)
      One of the most important concepts of marketing have to do, not marketing itself, but with its administration. That is, not enough to know what factors should be included in a strategy for it to be successful, but to ...
    • Administración de la Mercadotecnia 

      Ramírez López, Karla; Flores Jiménez, Ivette (2011-07)
      The marketing basis is the exchange of something valuable too, it is a total business system designed to plan products of satisfactions and desires, to price, promote and distribute them to target markets in order to achieve ...
    • Administración del Capital Humano 

      Flores Jiménez, Ruth; Flores Jiménez, Ivette (2011-07)
      All organization of individuals human capital and who depended on the good operation and the achievement of the objectives. The area of human resources of the organizations to perform a function of grant importance of this ...
    • Administración Estratégica 

      Ayala Hernández, Silvia (2011-07)
      At the end of the semester the student will be able to identify, apply and develop the essential elements in the strategic planning through a project.
    • Administración Estratégica 

      González Pérez, R. Yahir (2011-08)
      The students will understand the background and the concept of strategic management, its focus and the stages belonging to it. They will understand the importance of having a strategic planning and its advantages.
    • Administración Estratégica 

      Ayala Hernández, Silvia (2015-07-01)
      At the end of the semester the student will be able to identify, apply and develop the essential elements in the strategic planning through a project.
    • Administración Estratégica 

      Flores Jiménez, Ruth; Salazar Márquez, Gloria Monserrat; Tapia Castillo, Delia Iliana (2011-07)
      The study of Strategic Management started a few decades ago and should be understood as one result of the advance of Management Sciences. The current article studies the process of Strategic Management, considering both ...
    • Administración Financiera 

      De León Vázquez, Irma Isabel (2014-01)
      The following material presents the program of financial administration, coursing in the sixth semester of the Bachelor in Business Administration. It shows the importance of Mexican Financial System, Finance and methods ...
    • Análisis de puestos 

      García Calva, Ana Lilia (2011-07)
      In this material are the main elements that make a job analysis.
    • Análisis de regresión y correlación lineal 

      Martínez García, María Dolores; Salazar Hernández, Blanca Cecilia (2019-06-26)
      El análisis de correlación son un grupo de técnicas estadísticas, por ejemplo el método de mínimos cuadrados, que permiten medir la asociación entre dos variables. El análisis de regresión desarrolla la ecuación matemática ...
    • Análisis de Sensibilidad 

      Montiel Espinosa, Lucía Irma (2019-06-26)
      El análisis de sensibilidad es un modelo en el que los valores de las variables que se utilizan para la evaluación de proyectos puede tener desviaciones con efectos de consideración en la medición de sus resultados. La ...
    • Análisis del Entorno 

      Prado De la Vega, Vanessa (2017-08-31)
      In order to formulate a budget it is important to be able to analyze the environment of the company in order to ensure that the unforeseen does not significantly alter the budgeted results.
    • Análisis Financiero 

      Rivera López, María Isabel (2020-06-28)
      El Análisis Financiero comprende la recopilación, interpretación de porcentajes, tasas, tendencias, indicadores y estados financieros los cuales sirven para evaluar el desempeño financiero y operacional de la compañía, ...
    • Aplicaciones de Internet 

      Mera Callejas, Guillermo (2015-06-30)
      Internet is a network of networks that allows the decentralized networking of computers through a set of protocol scalled TCP/IP. He had its origins in 1969,when an agency of the United States Department of Defense began ...
    • Aprendizaje organizacional 

      González Hernández, Alicia (2011-07)
      In recent years, organizations have realized the need to promote organizational learning and make smart business organizations in which information becomes knowledge and this can be shared among all employees. The ...
    • Arrendamiento Financiero 

      Rivera López, María Isabel (2016-01-01)
      Leasing is the leasing that transfers to the lessee most of the risks and rewards of ownership. Equivalent for sale in payment, in which the purchase price of a product is paid over time and with interest. The leased asset ...
    • El Artículo 

      Ortiz González, Mónica (2011-07)
      Is a statement of broad content and different shape which interprets, evaluates, or explains an idea or current events of special importance, according to the conviction of the writer.
    • Aspectos generales de la contabilidad de costos 

      Suárez Macías, José Delfino (2019-07-31)
      La contabilidad de costos es un área de contabilidad que se ocupa de la planificación, clasificación, acumulación, control y asignación de costos. También se le conoce como contabilidad analítica.
    • Auditoria Administrativa; Método Análisis Factorial. 

      Rivera López, María Isabel (2016-01-01)
      Audit implies the need to investigate and look for causes and effects, therefore the administrative audit aims to assess the activities in accordance with the principles of discipline, coupled with this cover acts seeking ...