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    • Doctrinas Éticas Normativas: Deontología: Kantismo: Imperativos Hipotéticos 

      Jaen Hernández, Victor Manuel (2014-10-10)
      The ethical doctrines are different approaches that try to answer that distinguishes a good from a bad human act. For example, the deontology proposes far to the intentions with which runs a human action to determine their ...
    • Introducción a la Mercadotecnia Sustentable 

      Jaen Hernández, Victor Manuel (2014-10-10)
      The defining challenge facing humanity in the twenty-first is to learn how to live sustainably, meaning to live well, while at the same time preserving the natural systems that make it possible for all people, including ...
    • Habilidades Directivas 

      Ramírez Ortega, Joel; Cerón Islas, Heydi; San Juan Mérdia, Ana Grisel (2015-06-30)
      Management skills are a tool to exercise leadership strategically. Today the leaders and managers of large companies demonstrate the importance of putting into practice what they do, want to do and can do to lead companies ...
    • Cultura Organizacional 

      Fuentes, Víctor Hugo; Cerón Islas, Heidy; Villa Pedraza, Mario Iván (2015-06-30)
      We know that each person has, as psychologists say, a personality, ie, a set of relatively permanent and stable features. When we say someone is warm, innovative, quiet and conservative, we are referring to personality ...
    • Comunicación 

      Ramírez Ortega, Joel; Cerón Islas, Heydi (2015-06-30)
      Being a natural process communication is most relevant if used by managers to achieve the desired objectives. Communication has elements that are essential to make it effective. when communication can observe the laws ...
    • Escuela Estructuralista: Burocracia 

      Jaen Hernández, Víctor Manuel; Cerón Islas, Heidy; Corichi García Nicolás (2015-06-30)
      Structuralism is the sociological study of different forms of social organization, established patterns of interaction, vision and elements of social stratification, as well as the duties of its members by sex, age and ...
    • Escuela de Toma de Decisiones 

      Jaen Hernández, Víctor Manuel; Cerón Islas, Heidy; Corichi García Nicolás (2015-06-30)
      The real work of top management is decision making: Decisions corresponding to each situation and individual, that is, decisions are occasional and situational, so there is no magic formula to make the right decision. The ...
    • Introducción a la Administración y la Empresa 

      Corichi García, Nicolás; Cerón Islas, Heidy; Jaén Hernández, Víctor Manuel (2015-06-30)
      The administration born since man comes on earth and thus has the need for empirically administration. With the passage of time how to organize today has evolved and different types of companies that require management as ...
    • Desarrollo de la Estrategia de Mercado 

      Ramírez Ortega, Joel; Cerón Islas, Heidy; Covarrubias, Abril (2015-06-30)
      Marketing strategy sets the direction of efforts to add value to the customer. It includes market segmentation, market research, work proposal to build competitive advantage. As an alternative strategy to meet the challenges ...
    • Áreas funcionales de la Empresa 

      Jaén Hernández, Víctor Manuel; Corichi García, Nicolás; Cerón Islas, Heidy (2015-06-30)
      Regardless of size , to achieve their goals every company performs some basic functions : to develop product to sell , manage money to produce it and the profits obtained, and coordinate staff to perform their duties. ...
    • El mercado 

      Figueroa Velázquez, Juan Gabriel; Cerón Islas, Arlen; Ramírez Ortega, Joel; Cerón Islas, Heidy (2016-01-01)
      The market is seen as a process of interaction between buyers and sellers establishing a fair exchange between service quality and price. 2 large converging forces: supply and demand.
    • Plan de vida y carrera (PVC) 

      Cerón Islas, Heidy; Cerón Islas, Arlén; Ramírez Ortega, Joel; Figueroa V., Juan Gabriel (2016-01-31)
      Personal planning allows you to set goals and objectives that facilitate decision making in seeking to improve the environment around us.To help this decision one planning called life and career plan which includes aspects ...
    • Instructivo para Manejo de Equipo Cámara Gesell 

      Cerón Islas, Arlén; Hernández Ortíz, Iván; Monzalvo Serrano, Lucina; Hernández Arana, Irma; Guerrero Hernández, Omar (2016-07-01)
    • Construcción de Modelos Matemáticos 

      Ángeles Villeda, Antonio de Jesús (2016-07-01)
      A mathematical quantitative model is the pillar on which rests operations research, to solve any problem of transportation, distribution, resource allocation, process mapping first need to build the model or table that ...
    • Oferta, Demanda y Costos en la Fijación de Precios 

      Hernández Valdés, Patricia E.; Sánchez Torres, Yolanda; Cruz Cruz, Mario (2016-07-01)
      Supply and demand are basic economic factors that organizations must take into consideration in the pricing of goods and services. Competitive pricing, ideally, suits the perceived value of the product , it allows to ...
    • La Investigación de Operaciones en las Organizaciones 

      Ángeles Villeda, Antonio de Jesús (2016-07-01)
      Operations Research is a quantitative methodological tool that allows to make optimal allocation of resources with some limited within any organization, uses mathematical models that are the support for developing and ...
    • Estrategias para ajustar precios 

      Hernández Valdés, Patricia E.; Hidalgo Gallardo, Amada (2017-01-01)
      Price is a decisive purchasing factor, both for people and for organizations, regardless of their socioeconomic status, purchasing power or size, so products and services might have the right, convenient, fair and suitable ...
    • Periodo de recuperación de capital invertido 

      Cadena Uribe, Ramiro (2017-01-31)
      En la inversión de capital cobra especial relevancia, para la evaluación de diversas alternativas, considerar el tiempo requerido para recuperar el monto del capital invertido en virtud al diferente valor del dinero en el tiempo.
    • El Producto, Conceptos básicos 

      Monroy Valencia, Sadot Eleazar (2017-08-31)
      Según Jerome McCarthy y William Perrault, el producto "es la oferta con que una compañía satisface una necesidad“ Stanton, Etzel y Walker, nos brindan la siguiente definición de producto: "Un producto es un conjunto de ...
    • Legislación relevante sobre precios 

      Corichi García, Nicolás (2017-08-31)
      Monitoring of prices in Mexico the Federal Commission of Competition and PROFECO, which are based on laws issued to this effect, try to avoid monopolistic practices, that prices are to the public eye, carry it out to ...